Hello, I’m Trisha! Dogs have been a therapeutic presence for me throughout my whole life. When I am experiencing heightened emotions, interacting with my pets never fails to help ground me. As a child and a teen, I would NEED to be with the dog during thunderstorms, the night before the first day of school or before a date, or when I was broken up with. I seek the same comfort with my two dogs present day, the only difference is that now I can recognize my emotions better. The soft texture of their fur, the frito smell of their feet, their velvety ears. The sandpaper paw pads and ragged toenails, the sound of their breath and the rise and fall of their ribs. Their knobby little elbows and the divot between their eyes. Their snoring (my GOODNESS the snoring!). My dogs make me better because even when it’s easy to neglect myself, I would never neglect them. I need them just as much as they need me. Anyways, I love dogs and I’m stoked to have the opportunity to work at a place where my peers care for them and respect them as much as I do.