Our Policies (Please read carefully)

Vaccination Policy

For the safety of our staff, customers, and canine clients, we require that your pet is current and that you provide proof of the following vaccinations:
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough)

Before an appointment is made, we need proof of your dog's vaccinations. You can email, fax, or drop them off (make sure your contact info is provided). You may also attach them to our scheduling form.

After we have what we need, we will contact you to schedule an appointment!


Our policy is still the same. If you do not provide updated records of your pet’s vaccinations, we will turn you away and charge you a cancellation fee! If you forget the updated info for proof of vaccinations, you can call your vet and have them confirm with us over the phone, fax us the records at 317-839-2246, or email them to katiesgroomingdogs@gmail.com. We also accept a picture of the documents. We can call your Vet for a fee of $10.00.

Vaccinations Required: Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella (aka. Kennel Cough).

Your pet must have received vaccinations at least 3 days prior to their grooming visit.

Please note that we do accept TITER TEST results. Have a conversation with your Vet about this!  

Other Policies

CAncellation policy:

A minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. You may cancel or reschedule by text, phone, or email. Cancelled appointments within 24 hours will be charged a cancellation fee totaling the price of the groom. This must be paid before rebooking. Please be aware if your vaccinations are not updated for your
appointment, you will be charged for the services that day and will be turned away!


Payment is due when you pick up your pet. You may pay with cash, credit card, or check. Katie’s collects a processing fee of 3% of any payment made with a card, excluding pre-pays and booking fees. Checks may be made payable to: Katie’s Professional Dog Grooming.

drop off and pick up:

When picking up your pet, do not talk to the animals on the grooming tables. This will make them excited which can be dangerous for both the groomer working on them and the animal. We charge $1.00 for every minute you are late for pick-up after we close.

Accidents & medical emergencies:

The client will notify us of any health conditions that might make the dog uncomfortable during the grooming appointment. Any grooming that takes place on an elderly or frail pet is conducted at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any reactions due to the mental or physical stress that occurs on an older dog. We will not be held
liable for damages, loss or claims arising from any known or pre-existing condition of the dog.

While we use plenty of caution while grooming your pet, accidents can occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, etc. Your pet's safety is our top priority. If an accident does occur that we are aware of, we will notify you when you pick up your pet. Some accidents or medical emergencies will require more care than we can give. If this happens, we will seek
medical care from your veterinarian. You will be responsible for your animal's veterinarian costs and expenses.

flea & tick policy:

If we discover fleas on your pet, they will be given a flea bath at your expense to maintain salon cleanliness.


We believe that anal glands should only be expressed by your veterinarian. They express them internally and we can only express them externally which is not helpful and can be dangerous over time. If we suspect your dog is having an anal gland issue, we will notify you.


Pets with severely matted coats may be charged an extra fee as they take longer to groom and cause extra wear and tear on the equipment. We will discuss this extra fee when you drop off your pet. Mats in a pet's fur is a serious problem and can lead to health problems such as ear hematomas and skin conditions. They are a breeding ground for
parasites, infection, mold, and fungus and can lead to health problems. Prevent mats from occurring by scheduling regular grooming appointments every 6-10 weeks.

We understand that some dogs are bothered by certain grooming procedures. Although these routine procedures are
performed for the well-being of the dog, we will stop with any procedures that are causing pain, stress, or discomfort to
the dog or harm to the groomer. Sometimes, a veterinarian can better perform these procedures.

A typical grooming appointment will last 3 to 4 hours; however, dogs who have matted fur, custom cuts, or skin problems could take longer. We will make every effort to complete the appointment on time.


Our company has the right to refuse service of dangerous animals at any time. If your pet is too stressed or becomes too dangerous during grooming, we have the right to stop grooming immediately and cancel the rest of the appointment. We almost never turn a dog away from a first visit. We’d like to at least meet them and see how they
do firsthand before turning them away completely. If we are not informed of aggression and it surfaces during the appointment,
you will be charged a grooming fee for what was completed up until the cancellation, and you will not be invited back.

We will do everything in our power to calm down your pet without using a muzzle, however, sometimes a muzzle, leash, or strap will be needed as a last resort. Muzzles will not harm your animal and will keep both the animal and the groomer safe.

Our groomers are trained professionals who have the right to cancel an appointment if a dog is acting overly stressed or aggressive. The client understands that Katie’s Professional Dog Grooming has the right to refuse service at any time and for any reason.