Hello! My name is Delaney Cross, and I am a dog groomer here at Katie’s. I would like to share a little bit about myself. I graduated from Plainfield High School and from there I went to college and received my Associates degree in criminal justice. I also have an amazing mother and sister who I get to work with at Katie’s. I have a wonderful fiancé named Alex. We share our love with our son, Jensen, and of course our dog, Stitch, as well. Together, we love to do activities outdoors! We like to hike, camp, and whatever it may be to stay active! If we are not out somewhere on the land, we love to hang out with our close friends! One of the things I like most about grooming is getting to work with different dogs every day and getting to know each one’s unique personality and to build trust within your dog. I also love to see the transformation of the dog before they get groomed and after! Katie’s is a fun, yet safe, environment for your pup!!