Katie's Dog Grooming



We offer 10% discount for people who serve in the military/ police dept/fire dept.

We gladly take donations of old towels and cages

For the safety of our dog clients we require the following vaccinations to be updated: 

Distemper/Parvo virus


*Please provide up to date proof of vaccinations from your vet when coming in. Please allow 3 days for vaccinations to take affect before making your appointment.

 Attention Valued Customers

We are enforcing all vaccination records. Vaccinations need to be provided with paper documentation from your vet you may email documentation or a picture of the documentation by phone before we can take care of your pet. If this is not provided by you, the owner, we will not accept your dog for their grooming visit. Shots must be given 3 days prior to your appointment with us.  We ask for proof of these vaccinations not only for the protection of your dog, but for the other dogs here during their visit.  If we have to call your pet’s veterinarian, a $10.00 fee will be added to your bill. If you have a dog that has health concerns or your vet feels that the vaccinations are no longer needed for your dog we will gladly accept a letter from your vet to verify they are exempt. We gladly also accept titers.

As a reminder a fee of $20.00 will be charged for “No Call, No Show” appointments. Please know that those appointments could be offered to other clients and that it affects the income of our groomers. To avoid this fee, appointments may be rescheduled up to 24 hours prior to your appointment time. This fee will be added to the next scheduled appointment. Email  kcross0026@gmail.com

Every dog should be groomed at least 3 to 4 times a year. Grooming services help preventative health maintenance on your dog. We check teeth, ears and look out for any unusual growths that you the owner may not notice.  We do not replace the proper veterinarian care that your dog needs, we just help look out for the best for your  dog and may suggest some things that may need vet attention.

Every dog that comes in for an appointment will receive:

•Two baths or more in our hypoallergenic shampoo

•Conditioner for a soft coat

•Nails trimmed and filed

•Ears cleaned

•Anal glands checked if requested

•They will be Blown dry (Cage dried with a non heated dryer) if they do not tolerate our drying method

•A thorough fine tooth comb finish to help remove excess hair

•A spritz of cologne and a bandana or bow

•Hugs and Kisses (free of charge)

Face, Feet, Tail 
With everything above plus:

•Shaving the pads of the feet

•Scissor shaping the feet

•Trimming of the private areas and tail

•Trimming around the face and eyes and or ears

 All to your specifications


Includes the bathing procedure above . We cut the hair all over the dogs body to your preference of length, or breed description.

We use various shampoos for your dogs many needs We use various shampoos for your dogs many needs

Shampoos that help relieve some issues like:


•Bacteria issues


•Dry/Flaky skin

•Oily skin




We also provide extra Spa Services 

Teeth brushing: Only recommended if you have the daily habit of brushing your dogs teeth – $5.00

Massage session with Ann Tarvin from Balanced Paws – $35.00

Shop Guidelines

Due to recent events the following charges may apply to your dogs groom or bath.
$20 - Charge if your dog comes to our shop with fleas.

$20 – charge for blanket matting

$25 – charge if feces is embedded to a dogs rectum and needs removed

$20 – charge if it takes 2 groomers to do the dog

$20 – aggressive fee *when behavior improves, fees will be dropped

$50 – biting fee *when behavior improves, fees will be dropped

 *If we are unable to get a muzzle on the dog, you will be called to come pick the dog up.



We strongly advise that you make a future appointment to guarantee your preferred time and day. Due to our great community support, we have been very busy and would hate to disappoint you by not having availability when you call!

If you need a specific pick up time, please inform us when you call so that we can book your appointment accordingly. We do ask for at least 3 to 4 hours. Booking ahead of time is always your best bet!!